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Teach english abroad and get hands-on experience

The opportunity of a lifetime
Are you a recent graduate thinking about teaching and living abroad? Come to teach English in Spain and gain international experience!

Join a Spanish private school for one academic year as a Language Assistant. While you are teaching English abroad with Meddeas, you will also receive additional TEFL training, a monthly income, health coverage and the support of a professional team that will accompany you in this journey.

This is a unique experience that will stay with you forever!


Role of a Language Assistant

A Language Assistant is a native-level speaker of English, German or French, who supports the school’s language teachers with conversation practice.

Split groups in speaking lessons

Additional support alongside the teacher

Conversation practice with teachers

Support with official exams preparation



Feel the authentic atmosphere of a Spanish school. Take your resume to the next level with international teaching experience, and deepen your education with TEFL university training. Relish the vibrant Spanish culture, to which no other can compare!

Become a Language Assistant in Spain

Teach Abroad and Go Global with Meddeas


Requirements to participate



The way you live during your stay in Spain can determine your experience. You can choose between two options.

For those who want to experience the Spanish culture to the fullest.

You will be adopted by a Spanish family! Out of a sudden, you will have adoptive parents and siblings, with whom you can spend time, plan activities during the weekends and share your culture and language, while learning from them.

Through this very special opportunity, you will find yourself being part of an authentic Spanish family and what it implies: living in their home, eating together, playing games and going on family trips. It is the dream come true for those who want to live like a Spaniard for a few months.
For those who put their autonomy and independence above all else.

Live on your own in an apartment, either by yourself or with roommates. Meddeas gives information and tips regarding house-hunting in Spain, but you will have to find your own place to live.

This is the perfect option for those who have a more independent personality and know how to organize themselves well.

Join our Language Assistants Programs

Teach English in Spain and Get Hands-On Experience.


Let Yourself be Dazzled by Spain

From bustling cities to traditional villages, Spain is a developed country with an affordable cost of living that offers an amazing variety of lifestyles. It receives more than 75 million visitors every year thanks to its 49 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites, not to mention its countless festivals and traditions, historical cities, beautiful shores, welcoming people and friendly culture.

Once you start teaching English in Spain, you will have lots of opportunities to improve your Spanish, a language spoken by 450 million people in the world. However, it will be up to you to look for and take advantage of those chances. Benefiting from the language exchange certainly depends on oneself.

It is very common to arrange conversation exchanges with school teachers, but you must keep in mind that you are supposed to speak only English at the school. Outside of school, however, you can practice as much Spanish as you wish.



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Sorry, but you are not eligible. Due to legal restrictions, we can only offer placements to recent High School graduates (as of 2017).

We hope you find another interesting opportunity soon. Good luck!

Unfortunately, you do not meet the requirements to join this program. We invite you to discover another opportunity to become an Auxiliar de Conversación. Please, visit ConversaSpain for further information.

Unfortunately, you do not meet the requirements to join this program. We invite you to discover another opportunity to become an Auxiliar de Conversación. Please, visit ConversaSpain for further information.

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