High-quality teaching experience in a fascinating culture

Get ready for a life-changing experience. Meddeas offers you a series of programs that will allow you to live in Spain while gaining teaching experience in a private or charter/grant-maintained school.

Learn to read Don Quixote in its original version surrounded by an enthralling atmosphere of cathedrals and medieval castles. Absorb the second most widely-spoken language in the world and acquire intercultural competence during this sensational journey.


Come to a treasure trove of centuries of history, with natural paradises and incomparable cuisine. Absorb the Spanish language, open the door to the European culture and gain international experience.

Icon of a Language Assistant

Become a Language Assistant in a school

Receive a placement in one of the private or semi-private schools that Meddeas collaborates with throughout the mainland and the islands. Get an insider's view of the Spanish education system and gain international teaching experience that will brighten your resume.

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The program includes training modules delivered by a Spanish university that will provide the knowledge, strategies and teaching methodologies to be an excellent Language Assistant. The training begins with an Induction Meeting of all participants and continues online with an individualized tutor.

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Receive a monthly stipend to live comfortably in Spain

Teach between 20 and 24 hours a week in your native language and receive a monthly stipend which will allow you to cover your expenses and discover other cities in Spain and countries in Europe. Holidays during the academic year are paid by the program and there is no fee to join Meddeas.

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Experience from the inside one of the richest cultures

Delve into the heart of a fabulous culture, with centuries of ancient history and incredibly warm people. You can live on your own or be part of a Spanish family, with whom you will really uncover the Spanish way of living. No previous knowledge of Spanish is necessary. You will learn it on the spot!


Programs to Teach in Spain

Language Assistant Program:
the place of the dynamic communicators

For proactive and sociable young professionals who have great communication skills and who want to teach their native language in a private or semi-private Spanish school. Receive TEFL training and a monthly stipend, so that you are fully equipped for this unforgettable teaching experience!

Student Placements Program:
an unparalleled opportunity for interns

For students who are pursuing their university degree in Spanish, Education or any other degree, and who are looking for an internship. Receive a placement in one of our schools and teach in Spain with the support of the main teacher. Also, improve your Spanish in the very same place where the language was born!

Early Childhood Program:
the house of the sweet and energetic

For Early Childhood education graduates who want to teach children in this age range. We assure a placement to teach toddlers and/or kindergarten students in one of our schools, located throughout the magnificent Spanish mainland and its islands.

Gap Year Program:
the adventure for those seeking something real

For recent graduates of any academic level: high school, college or university, who are looking for a different year in their lives, away from their home country routine. Come and teach in Spain, explore the fascinating Spanish culture, and broaden your mind. Get further training, and open yourself to new horizons while teaching your language in one of our schools.



As part of Europe, Spain is an open country with affordable living standards, an effective healthcare system, and a highly developed public transport network. Spain will definitely make your stay comfortable. Say yes to a memorable long-lasting experience.

Incomparable history and legacy, including 49 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Discover prehistoric cave paintings, magnificent Roman ruins, the most impressive Gothic cathedrals in Europe, abbeys and medieval castles. Get lost in some of the most well-known museums and art galleries in the world. Spain is a treasure trove of history and cultural heritage.

The birthplace of the rich and beautiful Spanish language, currently spoken by 450 million people in the world. Living in Spain is the perfect opportunity to start learning the language of Don Quixote. It is certainly a good investment for your future!

Spaniards are friendly and cheerful, and they love socializing. They treasure the incomparable Mediterranean cuisine, one of the healthiest and most delicious in the world. They also maintain unique festivals and colorful traditions in each city, which are full of symbolism and celebrated in community.



The selection process

Our Human Resources Team will match your profile to a specific school placement. Interests such as the type of program, the age range you want to teach, or the type of school in which you prefer to teach will have priority, as this is a professional experience. We will take into account if you prefer to live in a large, medium or small city but you can not choose the city.

The HR Team places participants who apply together in different cities. The main reason for this is that we need to ensure that your interest to join the program is genuine. If one of your friends or your partner has also applied, please bear in mind that our policy is not to place the two of you in the same town or even region, without exception.

Not at all. There are no fees to participate in Meddeas. You will have to transfer a refundable deposit after accepting your placement as proof of your commitment to the program. This deposit will be given back at the end of the program, once you successfully complete your placement and university course.

The program

You will be enrolled in a TEFL course depending on your experience and previous TEFL certification if any. The courses offered include an Expert in TEFL, an Expert in TEFL course focused on Early Childhood learning, and an Expert in AMET (Advanced Methodologies for English Teachers). Tuition is paid for by the program and its completion is compulsory. The university will recognize a portion of your activity at the school as part of their academic training.

You are expected to show initiative and commitment, as well as perform professionally. If the program or the school consider that you show a lack of professional behavior, they have the right to cancel your participation and, if this occurs, you will lose your deposit and the program will be legally obliged to cancel your visa (if applicable).

If you are a successful candidate, a refundable deposit of €850 will have to be transferred upon acceptance of your placement. The deposit will be given back after the successful completion of the program. You will lose the deposit if you are expelled or don´t complete the program.

Our program runs from September/October to May/June and, alternatively, from January until June. If at the end of the first academic year the school’s report is positive, you can apply for a second year as a Meddeas Language Assistant, in the same school/program or in a different one.

Your stipend/monthly grant will depend on your teaching hours per week (between 20 to 24) and on the accommodation. Your monthly stipend/grant will allow you to live as a young professional in Spain. It is enough to pay your rent and cover all your expenses. However, you should keep in mind that larger cities (such as Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao) are more expensive than medium or small cities.

You will have access to the Spanish Social Security system upon starting your placement and throughout the program. The public administration will deduct a small amount from your monthly stipend (between €8.5 and €10, approximately) in order to pay compulsory Social Security contributions in exchange for nearly universal medical coverage.

Non-EU passport holders: Although you will be covered by the Spanish healthcare system, in order to obtain and keep your Student Visa, you will have to purchase an additional private health insurance plan that covers you during your time in the program.

The school

Schools understand that you have little or no teaching experience, but at the same time, they expect a serious commitment from you. They will expect you to be involved, to show motivation, professional conduct, and good interpersonal skills. You will need proactivity and initiative to plan and prepare your own activities. One of the school’s teachers will be appointed as your tutor.

Meddeas works with private and concertado (charter/grant-maintained) schools only, and before accepting a placement, participants will receive all the details: location, pupils’ age group, school’s characteristics, and expectations, etc. Once accepted, these details (program, hours, accommodation, etc.) are not subject to change upon the Language Assistant’s request. However, the school may adapt the ages of the children participants are placed with.

The school will set and/or adapt the Language Assistant’s timetable according to the school’s needs. You will have between 20 and 24 in-class hours per week, but this does not mean that you will only be at school only 20 to 24 hours per week. You may be expected to dedicate an additional 2 hours to coordination meetings with other teachers, and may also have additional gaps between lessons.

You will be entitled to the same holidays as the rest of the teaching staff. You will have a Christmas and Easter break, local/regional holidays and some long weekends (puentes). You will have a set school calendar and will not be allowed to take any days off outside the pre-established holidays. Trips and travel arrangements should be made around your class schedule and your school calendar.

If there are unforeseen circumstances or special events, such as your graduation, that require you to take a day off, you will have to make a request in advance to the school principal. Any unauthorized absences can result in the loss of your student grant

Come to Teach in Spain

Here begins an adventure you will remember for the rest of your life. Send your application and we will guide you through the selection process.



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Unfortunately, you do not meet the requirements to join this program. We invite you to discover another opportunity to become an Auxiliar de Conversación. Please, visit ConversaSpain for further information.

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