Are you looking for a real experience in Spain? Are you seeking to do something different, to detach yourself from your daily routine and leave your comfort zone? Are you willing to expand your horizons on a personal and professional level? Taking a gap year abroad can be exactly what you need.

Not only will a gap year abroad give you a new life perspective. It will also steep you with skills that can provide long-lasting benefits. You might be thinking of traveling, or considering joining a volunteer program, or even wondering about working in a foreign country.

Whatever your situation is, here is our gap year plan that will allow you to travel, help others and gain work experience while receiving an economic compensation for it. Come to teach English in Spain and make your first step into the real world!.Sign up for a teaching experience that will turn your gap year in Spain into an unforgettable life event!



Dare to step out of the world you know and immerse yourself in the rich Spanish culture. Take the leap into an experience you will remember for the rest of your life!

Gain Valuable Work Experience and Receive a Monthly Stipend

The value of teaching abroad is priceless. Working abroad demonstrates your skills to adapt to an unfamiliar work environment, your willingness to take risks, your openness to live in another culture, and your adventurous spirit. It also shows your ability to make a living in a foreign country and step out of your comfort zone.

Experience One of the Richest Cultures in the World

The heart of the Spanish culture awaits you. Spain has a special beat that will captivate you. From north to south, from east to west, a wide range of traditions, customs and ways of life are waiting to be discovered. Our diverse culture, a result of years of fascinating history, will certainly leave a mark on you forever.

Learn Spanish or Improve Your Language Skills

Spanish is a beautiful language, and it is the second most widely-spoken language in the world, by number of native speakers. If you want to learn another language, live the real Spanish language immersion. Not only that: you will also be able to learn about the other co-official languages in Spain.

Expand Your Horizons

There is no experience quite like living in another country. By spending your gap year in Spain with Meddeas you will truly expand your horizons and open your mind and heart to new experiences. The authenticity of the Spanish culture, the affability of Spaniards and the relaxed pace of life will really enrich your outlook on life.

Gap Year Programs in Spain:
Become a Language Assistant

Meddeas offers a program to those who are looking for teaching opportunities during their gap year abroad. Whether you have a background in teaching or you are looking for a meaningful adventure in another country, Meddeas has something for you.

Through Meddeas, native English, German or French speakers become Language Assistants. But what exactly is this?

A Language Assistant is not a teacher. Rather, it is a native English, German or French speaker who facilitates language learning through general conversation practice, language-oriented activities or games, and who shares the culture of the home country.

Some responsibilities you might find as an English/German/French Language Assistant during your gap year in Spain are:

Curious to Know More?

Take the plunge and find out if your profile is suitable for our program.


The Basics


You will receive a monthly stipend, which is more than enough to live comfortably in Spain as a young professional, and a certificate of completion at the end of the program. You will be enrolled in a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course which will endow you with knowledge and practical tools to make the most of this experience. You will also have ongoing support from the school and the Meddeas staff, including help with the visa process.


There are two accommodation options for your gap year in Spain: full board accommodation with a Host Family or independent housing. Each option offers a slightly different experience. If you’re not sure, and you need a bit of advice to help you make the best decision, head over to our blog where you can read about our Language Assistants’ experiences living in Spain.



Our gap year program is tailored for native-level English, German or French speakers who are longing to broaden their minds by living abroad for an academic year.


Say hola to Spain!

Spain is an ideal place for youths looking to broaden their minds, and discover other cultures and ways of understanding the world.

You will spend your gap year meeting kind and welcoming people, discovering the Spanish culture, taking Spanish courses, visiting incredible cities, beaches and mountains, trying amazing food, and experiencing life-changing moments.

Spain is a country filled with exciting history, stunning cathedrals and museums, and lavish paintings and sculptures. This ancient country treasures 49 World Heritage Sites, declared by UNESCO.

This is also the place for the foodies: Mediterranean gastronomy is probably the best in the planet, not to speak about festive local culture, traditions, and celebrations in every town.

For nature lovers, Spain offers a diversity of natural landscapes. White sand beaches with coastal villages, lush forests with luxuriant trees, and mountains with cliffs to hike. The peninsula and the islands encapsulate the richness of several countries, all in one.

There is no way of telling what a gap year as a Language Assistant will bring. But what Meddeas can guarantee is that the year will be full of new experiences.

A Gap Year Full of Stories to Be Told

If you meet the requirements to join the program, get in touch with us and we will evaluate your application.





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Sorry, but you are not eligible. Due to legal restrictions, we can only offer placements to recent High School graduates (as of 2017).

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Unfortunately, you do not meet the requirements to join this program. We invite you to discover another opportunity to become an Auxiliar de Conversación. Please, visit ConversaSpain for further information.

Unfortunately, you do not meet the requirements to join this program. We invite you to discover another opportunity to become an Auxiliar de Conversación. Please, visit ConversaSpain for further information.

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