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Early Childhood teachers need to experience the process of second language acquisition in young learners. This is crucial in order to understand an increasingly global society, in which students who speak different languages fill the classrooms.

If you are a graduate in Early Childhood education and you are looking for international teaching experience, you are in the right place. This Early Childhood work experience in Spain will give you a new perspective on education. It will also ensure that you teach the ages that interest you the most: Early Childhood.

Join a different educational system

Learn from experienced Early Childhood Educators


Discover new techniques and approaches to engage your students

Explore a totally different culture, and grow both professionally and personally

Start learning or improve your Spanish in a native environment

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Teach Preschoolers in Spain

This Early Childhood work experience in Spain is specially designed for all recently graduated educators who would like to advance their careers through practical work experience in an international setting.
early childhood work experience in spain


Teaching practice in Spanish schools and TEFL university training


TEFL with an Emphasis on Early Years

Each of the course modules is designed to guide participants through their teaching practice effectively. The content of the modules aims to cover each of the educational stages. One of the modules is tailored for early years educators. It includes stage-related readings and videos that will broaden their knowledge to teach infants.

It begins with an initial workshop in Barcelona. After that first day, participants move to their destination and follow the rest of the course online, with the support of forums, tutorials, and a tutor. The completion and evaluation of the course will be based on the assessment of individual module reports.


Second Language Acquisition

Educators will be able to test their skills and knowledge in a real-world setting in Spain. Participants will have the opportunity to use their initiative and creativity to plan and conduct lessons.

Educators will focus on helping preschoolers improve their English-speaking skills through games and activities. Meanwhile, their tutors and the main teachers will give general indications and guidelines on how to be a good preschool teacher.

There will be a good support system from two tutors. On the one hand, a university professor will provide guidance, when needed, to complete the online course. On the other hand, an experienced Early Childhood teacher will always be at the school.


Requirements to Participate

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Early Childhood Experience in Spain

Bilingual Programs are Increasing

In recent years, Spanish schools and teachers in Spain have focused on second language acquisition during early development. They want their pupils to be immersed in other cultures from the earliest stages of children’s development.

The schools seek to create high-quality environments for young children who are learning English as a second language. Consequently, Early Childhood jobs and work experience opportunities for native-level English speakers with this academic background have grown exponentially in Spain.

Indeed, around 70 out of our 200 partner schools all over Spain participate in this program. They are all private or semi-private schools. Most of them are bilingual centers, or centers in which English language teaching is considered a pillar of their curriculum. Nevertheless, their main purpose is to improve the English language and intercultural skills of their students with our programs and, therefore, both scenarios enable a great context to learn about the best teaching methods for preschoolers.

Catalina O’Brien is one of these recent graduates who has decided to take advantage of the exceptional conditions offered by Spain. Being an Early Childhood graduate from University College Cork, Ireland, she speaks about her Early Childhood Work Experience in Spain teaching preschoolers with Meddeas.

My experience as an Early Childhood Educator in Spain

“Teaching English as a second language to preschoolers is the most valuable skill in my professional career”

Catalina joined Meddeas’ Early Childhood Work Experience in Spain in search of teaching experience as an Early Childhood Educator. She had just graduated and thought that gaining international experience would be beneficial for her resume, as well as an incredible opportunity to broaden her mind and to grow on a personal level.

In Ireland, I taught in English, which is the children’s first language. In Spain, their first language is Spanish and they are slowly starting to learn their first words in English. This makes the teaching experience more challenging, but also more fulfilling because you really witness the kids making progress. I always feel so proud and accomplished when the children ask for things in English.

I was extremely lucky with my tutor at the school. She was so helpful, understanding, and kind throughout the entire year. My colleagues were always teaching me new things about Spain and recommending places for me to visit. Not only did I improve my Spanish from my colleagues but learned about the education system in Spain, which is something I’ve always been interested in.

Teaching as an Early Childhood educator and living in Spain with a Host Family has given me first-hand knowledge of Spanish schools and Spanish life. In fact, I feel that teaching English as a second language to preschoolers is the most valuable skill in my professional career.

Teaching English as a second language to two to five-year-olds is challenging, but I noticed that I made my activities more interesting and provoking in order for them to understand. The skill to be able to teach English as a foreign language is extremely valuable to me.

This experience teaching English abroad will set them far apart from other applicants in any position they apply for. International experience is extremely valuable in many jobs.

Also, teaching English abroad proves your ability to adapt to a new environment and to live and work with people from different cultural backgrounds. They will always have something interesting to talk about in a job interview regarding their experience abroad!

Catalina O’Brien, graduate from UCC (Ireland)



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Unfortunately, you do not meet the requirements to join this program. We invite you to discover another opportunity to become an Auxiliar de Conversación. Please, visit ConversaSpain for further information.

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