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Meddeas is a Spanish organization with presence in five countries that provides support to bilingual teaching in educational centers, in order to improve students’ foreign language skills.
Our values - Meddeas
bullet.home.values Commitment to a job well done
bullet.home.values Flexibility in services provision
bullet.home.values Adaptation to each school bullet.home.values Professionalism
bullet.home.values Global vision of the school
Language Assistants
Meddeas promotes structured language assistant programs, in which participants cooperate in Spanish schools to encourage oral practice in English, German, or French.

Latest Posts

visa for spain from USASpain Student Visa Application: All You Need to Know
To become a Language Assistant in Spain with Meddeas, non-European citizens need to get a long-term Spain student visa (valid for over 180 days). Getting a student visa can be a daunting and technically difficult process… [Read more]

application process meddeasApplication and Selection Process with Meddeas
Applying to be a Meddeas’ Language Assistant was demanding, but clear, and they guided me through the process. The programs are open to any recent graduate, and Spanish skills or teaching experience are not … [Read more]



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