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Teach English in Peru in Private Schools: Gain Experience and Get Paid

teaching english in peru

This program is no longer available. You can find more information on our opportunities in Spain here.

Teaching English in Peru is a unique experience to gain international experience, with a guaranteed monthly pay, in a program endorsed by a professional and serious organization. You will be an English teacher in a private school in Lima, Peru’s capital city, and fully responsible for your class. Positions are fully managed by each school, under Peruvian regulations. Meddeas will provide you with support moving to teach in Peru, initial training, and advice for every day practical non-school-related matters.

What does it involve to teach English in Peru? You will deliver English lessons to students, encourage oral practice in English, explain the culture of your own country, prepare exams, and create teaching materials (following the advice and guidelines of your school).

Depending on the position, you could teach English to Elementary, Middle, and/or High School students.


  • Participants are directly hired by the local school and paid according to Peruvian standards
  • Most schools are located in Lima (or in other urban areas)
  • 9 to 10-month programs (starting on 12th March 2018)
  • 24-28 teaching hours per week, as junior main teacher
  • Salaries depend on the school and local standards, usually starting at US$1300/month (paid in the local currency)
  • First-week accommodation is covered by the school

Main Facts

Our Private Schools in Peru

Meddeas cooperates with different private schools in Peru, most of them located in the capital, giving you the opportunity to teach English in Lima. This program is different from Meddeas’ Language Assistant programs in Spain, as it offers English teaching jobs in Peru. The main difference is that you will be directly hired by the local school as a junior main teacher and you will be fully responsible for your class. Meddeas professional and experienced staff will give you support and information to prepare your trip and stay in Peru.

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teaching in peru
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Work Visa to Teach English in Peru

Teaching jobs in Peru require obtaining a work visa in a Peruvian consulate with the cooperation of the Peruvian school.  Meddeas will guide you and the school through the process, to ensure that you will be able to start at your school on time.

The Country: Teaching English and Living in Peru

english teaching jobs in peru
teach english in peru

Peru presents a colorful tapestry of indigenous cultures and Spanish traditions, boasting a great wealth of heritage. It has delicious gastronomy, imposing archaeological complexes with over 5,000 archaeological sites, 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and great natural reserves. 10,000 years of developing civilizations make it one of the most varied countries in the world.

It is a politically stable country with a consolidated democracy. Its economy is classified as upper middle income by the World Bank, being one of the world’s fastest-growing economies with an affordable cost of living.

The Jungle occupies 59% of the territory of this country, where 12% of the country’s population is concentrated. The Mountains, dominated by the Andes mountain range, occupy 30% of the territory and are home to 36% of the population. Most of the population (52%) is concentrated along the coast, despite only occupying 11% of the national territory.

Spanish is Peru’s official language and is spoken by 84% of its population. In addition, there are over a hundred Aboriginal languages spoken in the country, including Quechua and Aymara, spoken by 13% and 1.7% of the population, respectively.

Live and Teach in Lima

With 8.5 million inhabitants, ‘Lima is Peru’, as the celebrated Peruvian writer Abraham Valdelomar quite rightly said. You can encounter all its customs and indigenous groups in its colonial streets and modern districts that look out onto the Pacific Ocean, in which the present and the past coexist creating a unique place: a synthesis of Peruvian cultural diversity.

But beyond the historic-cultural aspect of Peru’s capital, Lima is also film and theater, good music, shopping and art galleries, nights out, museums, and a different cityscape. It has gained recognition as the gastronomic capital of the region, thanks to its range of restaurants, bars, and markets. In fact, renowned food critics consider Lima the world’s best food city.

It also has an important Pre-Hispanic legacy that can be found both in the city center (Huacas of Mateo Salado, Pucllana, or Huaca Huallamarca) and on the southern outskirts of the city (Pachacamac sanctuary).

Program Highlights

Fee: 900€
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