Highly Qualified Spanish Teachers

Having a native speaker in your staff opens up the opportunity for authentic cultural exchange and gives an international perspective to your school. Without a doubt, students will benefit from experiencing the world around them without ever leaving the classroom.

Meddeas selects highly qualified Spanish teachers, with profiles suited to your school’s needs. With our experience over the years, we have developed an expertise in recruiting highly valuable professionals.

Our teachers hold at least a degree in Education, have a minimum of two years of formal teaching experience, and are fluent in English. Our recruiting expertise assures that the schools receive the best native teachers from Spain.

With our background in international mobility, we take care of visa procedures and unburden your school of a time-consuming task. Because of our partnership with a Designated Sponsor Organization, visa issuances are done promptly, so teachers can join your school in time.  

We make sure to support our teachers before and during their stay in the United States, with an initial orientation and ongoing in-country support, easing the school onboarding process and facilitating the teachers’ adaptation to the U.S.


How We Help Your School

With the assistance of Meddeas, your school will have a gateway to the Spanish culture and language.

Collaborating with Meddeas will globalize your school, bring innovative teaching methods into the classroom, and create a culturally aware environment for your staff and students!

Trust in our expertise to provide you with a solution suited to your school’s needs.

Since 2011, we have partnered with schools across Spain. Our network of schools allows us to recruit experienced and qualified teachers, with a desire to participate in a cultural exchange.
Our demanding selection process, refined over years of experience, ensures that only highly valuable professionals participate in the program. We customize the recruitment plan according to the school’s needs, so that you receive the best professionals for your team.
The school can easily have a qualified and experienced Spanish teacher, participating under the J1-Visa program of the U.S. Department of State. We handle visa applications through our partner Designated Sponsor Organization and relieve the school from administrative procedures.
Our Support Team assists the Spanish teachers through a pre-arrival orientation, constant guidance in the U.S., and a 24/7 emergency contact provided by the Designated Sponsor Organization. We make our resources available to guarantee a positive experience in the school.


Our Spanish Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are passionate about international education. They are keen on helping their students access opportunities for cultural exchange that will prepare them for today’s interconnected world.

Teachers selected by Meddeas hold at least one official qualification:

  • Bachelor’s in Pre-school Education
  • Bachelor’s in Elementary Education
  • Any degree plus a Master’s in Secondary Education

All of our Experienced Teachers are actively working in Spain before participating in our program. They all have a minimum of two years of teaching experience.

They are also independent English users, with a minimum IELTS band score of 6 or equivalent.

The Role of Native Teachers in Your School

Our teachers are ready to make the most out of this experience and willing to actively participate in different school dynamics. Having a native speaker from Spain brings to life the learning of a new culture.

Work with students on the nuances of the cradle of the Spanish language.

Expose students and staff to the Spanish culture and way of life.

Create cultural exchange dynamics with students from Spain.

Introduce teaching methodologies from the European education system.

Picture of a Spanish teacher talking to her students with a blue and red framework

Advantages for the U.S. School Hosting an Experienced Teacher from Spain

A qualified and experienced teacher from Spain as part of the school’s staff is a unique opportunity to promote cultural diversity, gain a competitive edge by innovating with European teaching methods, and improve the students’ Spanish accent, diction, fluency, and grammar.

Local teachers and students learn first-hand the Spanish language, which is the second most spoken language in the United States. Being that Spain is the country where the language originated, our teachers act as cultural ambassadors and linguistic models, as they have been immersed in the country throughout their lives.

Our program is a fantastic chance to bring a wealth of pedagogical techniques and methodologies to the school. Adding the experience of teachers with an in-depth knowledge of the European education system will facilitate the innovation of your schools’ practices, as they have already proven to be successful.


Program Length

Your school can have an Experienced Teacher from one to three years. In addition, this program can be extended to a maximum of five years.

Costs for the School

Meddeas Program’s fee per participant is US$1,000. In addition, the salary and worker’s compensation are the responsibility of the school. For the Experienced Teachers, schools have to follow the U.S. standards for qualified teachers.

Application Deadline

Meddeas receives application requests all year-round. If the school wishes to start the program in the Fall, the deadline to submit the application is March 31st.


Spanish Culture and language

Give your students the chance to gain a profound understanding of Spain. Our participants teach their culture from experience, so students are able to connect with the language through a deeper understanding of the richness of the Spanish culture.

They will learn about the way of life and the values that surround the culture and understand the foundations of all the 21 Spanish-speaking countries. Our teachers can create classroom dynamics to get students involved in the different aspects of the culture, such as customs and traditions, behaviors, values, arts and literature, or norms.

Your students will receive invaluable resources and will be better prepared to engage in diverse contexts.

Want to Know More?

We will be glad to arrange a meeting with you. We will find the best possible Spanish Teacher for your school.

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