Language Assistant Programs in Spanish Public Schools

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You will be a language and cultural ambassador in a public school in the Community of Madrid (Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid) and therefore help the English department improve the language skills of their students and staff.

What does it mean to teach English as a language assistant? You could deliver conversational English lessons to students or staff, encourage oral practice in English, explain the culture of your own country, help in other subjects (such as science, art, P.E., history, or music), assist with pronunciation and grammar, prepare students for oral exams, and collaborate with teaching staff in creating teaching materials and planning lessons. The specific activities and tasks depend on the school.

Language Assistants in Public Schools help teach English to Elementary, Middle and High School students. This is a supportive role, thus you aren’t in charge of entire classes and aren’t responsible for grading or discipline.

Placements Conditions

  • Positions managed by the Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid (regional Government)
  • Schools placed in rural and pueblo locations in the Madrid Area
  • 8-month placements (November 2nd to June 30th)
  • Paid school holidays (Christmas, Easter, and local festivities), except for the summer period
  • 16 teaching hours per week
  • 4 consecutive teaching days a week
  • Stipend: 1,000 €/month
  • Activities will be held under the supervision and guidance of school teachers


Main Facts

Spanish Public Schools

8 months (November 2nd to June 30th)

Application Deadline
Apply by June 23rd
*Note: limited positions – apply asap

Candidate’s Requirements
– Native-level English speaker
– Bachelor’s degree in any subject
– Spanish skills are not required
– Some experience with children will be valued

Monthly Pay
1,000€ (16 teaching hours per week – 4 weekdays)

Program Options and Fees
– Basic Package (1,250€)
– TEFL certification included (1,750€)
– Spanish Language and Culture Immersion Week included (1,750€)
– TEFL certification + Spanish Language and Culture Immersion Week included (2,150€)

How to Apply
Write an email to receive detailed information and the application form

Meddeas and Spanish Public Schools

Meddeas cooperates with different Public Schools in the Community of Madrid. This program differ from Meddeas schemes in private schools. The main difference is that the relation with the schools and the placements are fully managed by the local government. Meddeas will provide you with support moving to Spain, initial training, and advice for every day practical non-school-related matters.

You will receive the details of your specific school placement at least ten days before starting at the school. With our advice and support, it has proven to be more than enough time to get accommodation in the area sorted out. Age-group preferences are considered whenever possible (we cannot guarantee specific placement preferences).


Schools are placed in rural and pueblo locations in the Madrid Area, which gives you the amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in the authentic Spanish culture and language while living close to Madrid capital city. Madrid public transportation system is well known due to its low prize and convenient network.

spanish public schools meddeas

 “I lived in a town about 30km outside of the city of Madrid. It is worth living here because it is much cheaper than Madrid (sometimes less than half the rent) and travelling to the city is convenient. I deliberately chose to live close to my school (5mins on foot!).

Public transport in Madrid is excellent, and if you are fortunate enough to be under 26, you can buy a special card for 20€/month with unlimited travel on all public transport in Madrid (even as far as Toledo). 

Buses also provide a night service, allowing you to enjoy the nightlife without too much of a worry about getting home.” 

Neil O., language assistant in Comunidad de Madrid

Madrid, Spain’s capital and its largest city, is renowned for its intense cultural life and abundance of events adapted to different tastes and interests. With a rich repertory of European art, including Prado Museum, Queen Sofia Museum, or Thyssen Museum, it hosts Arco, which is Europe’s largest contemporary art fair. Madrid is also home to two world-famous football clubs, Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid, and is the scenario for multiple international sports events. Its cultural and leisure offer includes wonderful restaurants, tapas bars, concerts, parks, cinemas, theaters, and clubs, among others. On top of that, you can get to any main Spanish destinations in less than an hour by plane and to hundreds of international destinations. It is the first airport in Spain and it occupies the 5th position in the ranking of European airports.

“I love the views. My town is surrounded by the mountains of the Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range, north-west of Madrid. Everywhere you look you can see beautiful landscapes. The capital city is only a 45-minute bus journey away. I have travelled around Madrid quite a lot. It’s very easy as the travel card is an amazing deal!

If I had to highlight the reasons to live here I would list: the food, the prices (it’s quite cheap in comparison to other places in Spain!), the people (it’s a small village- everyone is very friendly), and the lifestyle (it’s very laidback here).”

Beth C., language assistant in Comunidad de Madrid

spanish public schools meddeas

4 Different Options


Fee: 1,250€

What does it include?

  • Job placement ensured (live in a rural or pueblo location in the Madrid area)
  • Pre-departure assistance: help with the visa application process and opening a bank account before arriving
  • Welcome Document: tips, advice, and practical tools to find permanent accommodation, among others
  • Help with the police registration process
  • International health insurance
  • Orientation in Madrid: initial training and meeting with other participants
  • Access to a multimedia platform with lessons, resources, and information
  • Meddeas’ emergency support while in Spain
  • Certificate of completion at the end of the program (issued by the Regional Education Authority)


Fee: 1,750€  

What does it include? 

  • Benefits in option A
  • 180 hours certified TEFL course given by a Spanish university

The certified university course will run from October to June and will be given by “Universidad Internacional de Cataluña (UIC) – Faculty of Education” (Barcelona). You will follow the course online with the support of forums and a tutor. The completion and evaluation of the course will be based on the delivery of individual module reports.

You will obtain a graded certificate of completion from the UIC at the end of the course.

This certified TEFL course will add value to your CV, complement your training, provide you with classroom management tips, and help you make the most of this experience.


Fee: 1,750€

What does it include? 

  • Benefits in option A
  • Spanish Language and Culture Immersion Week in Madrid
  • 20 Spanish lessons in small groups (max. 9 students)
  • 4 cultural activities in the evenings (walking tour, tapas, museums/monuments)
  • Accommodation and breakfast (5 nights)

This option (and Option D) offers you the excellent opportunity to start refreshing your Spanish skills and make the most of your stay in Spain. You will arrive in Madrid with pre-arranged accommodation and a cultural program that will help you adjust to your new life in Spain.

In the mornings, you will attend an intensive 15-hour Spanish course in our partner school located in the center of Madrid. In the evenings you will participate in different cultural activities with our teachers. You will explore Madrid and discover the Spanish culture while practicing Spanish with classmates and teachers. And most importantly, you will make a group of new friends from all over the world!


Fee: 2,150€  

What does it include? 

  • Benefits in option A
  • 180 hours certified TEFL course given by a Spanish university
  • Spanish Language and Culture Immersion Week in Madrid
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