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PUBLIC MEDDEAS HACIA CONVERSA Language Assistant Program in Spanish Public Schools

Program to Teach in Public Schools in Spain

If you are interested in teaching vacancies in Spanish public schools, we suggest that you contact ConversaSpain, a Spanish organization and spin-off developed by Meddeas, that cooperates with more than 250 public schools in different regions in Spain, which currently has placements in the regions of Madrid and Murcia. We provide our consultancy expertise to ConversaSpain and we cooperate with their staff.

ConversaSpain offers paid positions, but there are costs/fees for participants. The relation with the schools and the placements are fully managed by the local government. Nevertheless, ConversaSpain will still provide participants with support moving to Spain, initial training, and advice for every day practical non-school-related matters. You can request information or apply through the ConversaSpain website or via email.

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