unique opportunity

Increase intercultural understanding and international mindedness of your students.

Your school can bring in professionals from Spain who are qualified to teach in European schools and take part in a J1-Visa program managed by Meddeas.

Our program is a unique experience for your students and staff to improve their Spanish language skills and get in touch with the Spanish way of life without ever leaving the classroom.



Our demanding selection process adapts to the schools' needs and requirements. We ensure the recruitment of highly qualified professionals, with profiles that meet the schools’ standards.
We have partnered with a Designated Sponsor Organization to assist in the J1-Visa process. Visa applications are handled by Meddeas, so the school can easily have qualified staff from Spain.
Our dedicated Support Team works closely with participants and schools to guarantee a positive experience. Meddeas provides pre-departure and in-country assistance and collaborates with the Designated Sponsor Organization to offer a 24/7 emergency contact.


Why Integrating a Qualified Professional from Spain?


A unique way to help enhance your students’ Spanish language skills such as pronunciation, conversation, and grammar. This is an exceptional opportunity to bring a European perspective into the school.

Innovative and Competitive Schools

Cutting-edge schools bring linguistic diversity into their classrooms, have an international outlook, and embrace the interchange of cultures allowing their students to enrich themselves culturally, intellectually, and personally.

Intercultural Understanding

An extraordinary manner to promote cultural exchange and expose your students to a new culture firsthand. Cultural awareness is especially important for today's students, who develop in a global environment.

Globalize Your School

A native Spanish speaker will contribute to create a more multicultural and international environment at the school. This will definitely help your institution prepare the students for the globalized world that awaits them.

Want to Know More?

Feel free to contact us for further details.



U.S. schools can participate in two different programs.

Our Language Assistants Program will allow you to have a recent graduate in Education who will interact and teach your students in a personalized environment. Our Experienced Teachers Program will enhance your World Languages Department with professionals who have years of experience in the Spanish school system. In both cases, these professionals are cultural ambassadors of Spain, as they have been immersed in the country throughout their lives.

These programs give U.S. schools the unique opportunity to integrate Spanish Language Assistants and Experiences Teachers into their departments. They are qualified professionals with an Education Degree, competent in the European education system.

Having a Language Assistant and an Experienced Teacher is the best way for students to learn the Spanish language. Students will interact with a native speaker and learn the culture that is intrinsically linked to the language. Our qualified teachers boost students’ confidence in the Spanish language, helping them improve their accent, diction, fluency, and grammar.


Program Length

On the one hand, the school can integrate a Language Assistant for an academic year or for the Spring semester. On the other hand, your school can have an Experienced Teacher from one to three years. Also, this program can be extended to a maximum of five years.

Application Deadline

Meddeas receives application requests all year-round. The deadline to submit the request is April 30th for Language Assistants and March 31st for Experienced Teachers, if the school wishes the participant to start in the Fall.

Costs for the School

Meddeas Program fee per participant is US$1,000. In addition, the salary and worker’s compensation are the responsibility of the school.

Two hard-working individuals in Meddeas headquarters

Qualified Language Assistants and Experienced Teachers from Spain in U.S. Schools


Recruitment of qualified Language Assistants or Experienced Teachers from Spain

Internationalization of the school

Assistance with J1-Visa through a Designated Sponsor Organization

Continuous support for the school and participant

Affordable program for any school


Firm Investment in Language Learning

This program is the result of Meddeas’ strong link with educational institutions in the U.S., our years of experience in global mobility, and our firm investment in language learning.

Since 2011 Meddeas has committed to international education and global mobility, with the mission of improving the language and life skills of both students and teachers.

At Meddeas, we have developed our own methodology to successfully select professionals and trainees in the education field, conducting more than 3,000 interviews for more than 350 schools every year.

Through the Meddeas Language Assistants Programs in Spain, more than 700 participants from English- speaking countries further their training and cooperate with Spanish schools every year.


FAQs about the Programs

Your school is eligible as long as it is accredited and has an active Spanish curriculum. The school will take part in an Exchange Visitor Program from the U.S Department of State and should foster educational and cultural exchange through their participation.

If you are looking to boost your Spanish offering at a lower cost while maintaining a high quality, we recommend that your school participates in our Language Assistant Program. If on the contrary, your school needs a person with not only a strong background in Education, but also previous teaching experience, you may want to consider our Experienced Teachers Program.

For the Language Assistants, we suggest a starting monthly salary of $1,600. Schools might decide to offer a lower salary (a minimum of $1,000), if they provide accommodation as well.

For the Experienced Teachers, schools have to follow the U.S. standards for qualified teachers, based on their experience and resume.

Schools can offer accommodation to participants by securing a Host Family or providing housing in the school campus (Boarding Schools). Participants can also secure their own accommodation with the guidance of Meddeas. 

Yes. Your school can benefit from integrating the two programs at the same time. In doing so you will strengthen the World Languages Department.

Your school must have a worker’s compensation that will cover J1 participants but it is not mandatory to offer health insurance and benefits for professionals in either of the programs. Participants are responsible for securing their insurance for the duration of the program.

All of our participants are trained and capable of leading a classroom alone in Spain. However, they cannot do so during this program due to the nature of the placements. Language Assistants have a supportive role, in which they can lead small groups on their own or lead the full class with the main teacher present in the room. 

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