School Exchanges

Meddeas organises school exchange programs focused on Secondary students (12-18 year olds) between Spanish and American schools. These programs take place during the academic year (3 to 5 weeks) or during the summer (2 to 3 weeks), according to the profile, needs and preferences of each school. Meddeas matches an American school with a partner school in Spain for a reciprocal exchange.

Students live with families selected by the local school, receive full board accommodation and have a health and liability insurance. Moreover, both the local coordinator and the visiting school coordinator will have phone support from a bilingual member of Meddeas’ staff 24/7.

This experience gives students the opportunity to discover firsthand the Spanish language and culture. Living with a host family and/or attending school, students will get immersed in another lifestyle, leaving them with a greater understanding of a language and a culture that is impossible to learn from textbooks.

The cost of the programme is affordable for the students’ families and it will depend on the location of the chosen host school.

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