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Meddeas’ announcement

Meddeas' announcement in regard to the propagation of COVID-19

In light of the different questions received, Meddeas wants to make the following announcement to all participants:

– We want to remind you that, according to current information, COVID-19 hardly affects people aged between 18 and 30 years old without pre-existing conditions, the majority of which may pass the disease with mild or even imperceptible symptoms.

– The problem with COVID-19 is not so much its mortality, which mainly affects the elderly with previous pathologies, but its high propagation speed, that may even stall the resources of the medical system that should be available for people who need them.

– According to the annual Bloomberg report, the Spanish healthcare system is one of the best around the world, being the most efficient in Europe and third most efficient worldwide, only bested by Hong Kong and Singapore. All of our Language Assistants are covered by the public Social Security system.

– It is expected that the arrival of good weather will mitigate the impact of this disease, as is the case with the common flu, which does not survive temperatures higher than 26ºC/79ºF.

– More schools are expected to close partially in some regions before the arrival of the spring season, following the directions of the authorities. This does not imply the cancelation of the program. We will follow the instructions provided by schools in each case.

We understand that it is essential to make a call to individual responsibility. We need to be careful and prevent ourselves from contracting this illness: but not so much for personal safety, but to avoid putting people around us at risk. We recommend everyone to act at all times as what we probably ALREADY are: asymptomatic carriers. It is time to be aware of the consequences that our actions may involve for us and for others.

Because of this reason, we ask you to follow the instructions given by the authorities and avoid – as much as possible and as of right now – traveling far from your residence area, especially if you are going to be in touch with the elderly.

Some universities have asked for the possibility of the cancelation of our programs. In light of this question, our position is the following:

– It is neither planned to cancel the program for the academic year 2019/20, nor do we think that this circumstance is possible given current status quo.

– Repatriating participants at this point, before the arrival of good weather and knowing that a big part of them can be asymptomatic carriers, is an irresponsible action that would only help to propagate COVID-19 and jeopardize their own families.

– It is foreseeable that the healthcare network of all affected countries (including the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom) suffer tensions in the short run. Considering the age of our participants and the quality of our Spanish healthcare system, repatriation does not entail an objective advantage for the participants’ health, but it would actually help to infect the at-risk population with the virus. For this reason, it is not advised to travel outside Spain, even for those Language Assistants whose schools have closed temporarily.

This situation entails a great complication for all governments and it will be difficult to mitigate without the collaboration of all citizens. We kindly ask all participants to act responsibly.

You can download the announcement here.


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