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A Day in the Life of an Auxiliar de Conversación with Meddeas – Interview with Two Participants

To be honest, there is no “typical day” in this program. In a way, that’s the beauty of this experience: there are no standards in a day in the life of an auxiliar de conversación. While the unknowns between being accepted to the program […]

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How Independent and Curious Spirits Find a Suitable Work Experience Abroad

All Meddeas participants have several key things in common. To begin with (and most obviously), we are all in Spain to gain relevant work experience. However, we also share a love of travel, an independent spirit, and a desire to learn as well as […]

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Discovering School Lunch in Spain: ¡Al Comedor!

For me, the most exciting part of moving to Spain was undoubtedly Spanish food. Since the moment I stepped off the plane I’ve been determined to try every variety of tapas; to explore the cafes, restaurants, and markets of Madrid; and […]

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Fünf Bemerkungen, über das Unterrichten in Spanien

Hallo, ich bin Johanna, 24 Jahre alt und komme aus Bamberg, einer kleinen Stadt in Bayern. Von Januar 2017 bis Mai 2017, habe ich als Language Assistant in Madrid Deutsch für die Altersgruppen 10 bis 17 unterrichtet und die Zeit dort […]

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What in the World Is that Creature? A Language Assistant’s Task

2015/2017 Posted by Alexz C.

Strangest is the name of this terrifyingly friendly monster that lives in a hammock by the sea. His best friend is a walrus that showed him how to swim one day. The two have had some incredible adventures together, according to […]

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Little by Little: Teaching English in Spain

On my first night with my new flat mates in Zaragoza, I was taught the phrase “poco a poco” (little by little). They were referencing my progress with the Spanish language, and how it will come in time, but I find […]

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Have You Ever… Been a Language Assistant in Spain?

2016/2017 Posted by Melissa H.

Have you ever been faced with a classroom full of smiling, shouting, squirming eight-year-olds at nine in the morning? Have you ever attempted to keep dozens of students under control without speaking a word of their native language? Have you […]

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