Teaching Global Competence for an Interconnected World

The globalization of economies, mass migration, the digital revolution, and other universal advancements have changed the skills required to succeed in today’s world. Students’ learning needs to be more powerful and relevant than ever before. It must respond to these new demands and […]

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Teaching Assistants Can Help to Improve U.S. Education

The current situation for education in the US is evolving and diversifying more than ever. We want our students to learn about lots of different subjects and to gain multiple skills before they leave compulsory education. This is why the Teaching Assistants in […]

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Within the Next Ten Years More People will Speak Spanish in the US than in Spain

The position of the Spanish language in the world today remains strong. Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language after Chinese.1 In the United States, after English, Spanish is the most common language, spoken by approximately 38 million people.2

In the United […]

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The Cognitive Benefits of Language Learning

Recent studies have suggested that language learners can gain myriad secondary benefits from language instruction:1

Benefits of Language Learning

  • Bilingual children have stronger working memory— the ability to retain and manipulate distinct pieces of information over short periods of time—than monolingual children.2

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Meddeas’ Language Assistants: Improve your Foreign Language Teaching Methodology

What is a Meddeas’ Language Assistant?
And How They Can Improve your Foreign Language Teaching Methodology

Meddeas’ Language Assistants are recently graduated Spanish teachers, qualified to teach in European schools. They hold a University degree in Pre-School Education, Elementary Education or any University degree and […]

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