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How to Be an American in Spain in Politically Tumultuous Times

When I first pictured moving to Spain from the US for a year, I saw beautiful Mediterranean beaches, paella on every corner, and a daily nap that would leave me refreshed. I imagined my role would consist of playing with little Spanish children with […]

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The New Me: 10 Ways that Teaching Overseas Has Changed My Life

There is nothing like hopping on board a plane across the pond, to an internship that you have little experience in, and a language that you don’t really know to make you question who you really are. Teaching overseas not only pushed me outside […]

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Until Living in Spain, I Had Never…

2015/2016 Posted by Harriet S.

I’m finishing my year with Meddeas in Spain and one of the first things I would say to anyone considering doing the same is that you get to do and try so many new things! From trying new […]

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Tips to Survive & Overcome the Initial Shock

There is a big difference between traveling abroad and living abroad. When you travel, you have only a brief moment in time to experience a place —the food, the sites, and the people. It is fun, fast paced and exciting. However, when you live […]

5 Unexpected Effects of Teaching Abroad

So I recently moved to teach English in Spain in a secondary school. Every day I learn something new, meet interesting people and surprise myself in what I can achieve/not panic about. And while I cannot speak for everyone embarking on the same journey […]