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Cost of Living in Spain: Housing, Travel, and Food

One of the biggest worries when moving to a new country is how far your money will go. Will you need to find a part-time job? Will you be able to travel? Those are some questions I asked myself when considering the cost of […]

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Low Cost Travel: Top Tips to Travel Spain on a Budget

There’s no point pretending that we are in the English teaching profession solely for the task itself. Why? Because the joys of sampling foreign cuisine, grappling with a new language, and meeting people from other cultures are all part of the package too. If only there were low-cost travel […]

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5 Things to Do in Barcelona on a Language Assistant Budget

2014/2015. Posted by Jenny M.

Although our language assistant grant is actually more than some Spaniards make working full-time, many applicants are skeptical that one can comfortably live in Barcelona on those earnings. After all, it’s right up there with Madrid as the […]

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Free Things in Madrid while I Teach Abroad

2014/2015. Posted by Sean M.

Prices around Spain can vary significantly from place to place but undoubtedly in the capital city of Madrid expenses are likely to be much higher than in the south for example. Similarly, there are many tourist-traps around every corner, from

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