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Have You Ever… Been a Language Assistant in Spain?

My New Life as a Language Assistant in Spain

Have you ever been faced with a classroom full of smiling, shouting, squirming eight-year-olds at nine in the morning? Have you ever attempted to keep dozens of students under control without speaking a word of their […]

If You Are in Spain and You Know It… Clap Your Hands!

Teaching English in Spain with your Heart and Soul

Objective: Channel your inner Barney the purple dinosaur, Sesame Street Gang, and Dr. Seuss. These are your saving graces. Activities: Dance like Barney. Be as hilarious and goofy as the Muppets. Repeat curiously catchy rhymes from the […]

Five Signs you’re a Language Assistant in Spain

When I first decided to pursue a placement as a Language Assistant in Spain, I expected my tasks to be simple. To sum it all up, I’d help kids with grammar and pronunciation and hopefully teach them a thing or two about American culture. Of […]

5 Things to Do in Barcelona on a Language Assistant Budget

Finally! I am a Language Assistant in Barcelona

Although our language assistant grant is actually more than some Spaniards make working full-time, many applicants are skeptical that one can comfortably live in Barcelona on those earnings. After all, it’s right up there […]

An Overwhelming Farewell: the Heart Always Returns to Jerez

On my last day at Colegio Albariza (Jerez, Spain) as a Language Assistant with Meddeas, my first graders were acting suspiciously. They had “a secret” and they giggled uncontrollably whenever I would inquire about it. Later in […]