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The New Me: 10 Ways that Teaching Overseas Has Changed My Life

There is nothing like hopping on board a plane across the pond, to an internship that you have little experience in, and a language that you don’t really know to make you question who you really are. Teaching overseas not only pushed me outside […]

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Why Applying for a Gap Year Work Experience was the Best Decision I Have Ever Made

Imagine this: you wake up early in the morning, go to school, study, study, study, eat a little food, study some more, talk to your friends for a bit, study, and then go to sleep. Sound familiar? Me too. This was my life right […]

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Until Living in Spain, I Had Never…

2015/2016 Posted by Harriet S.

I’m finishing my year with Meddeas in Spain and one of the first things I would say to anyone considering doing the same is that you get to do and try so many new things! From trying new […]

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5 Things to Do in Barcelona on a Language Assistant Budget

2014/2015. Posted by Jenny M.

Although our language assistant grant is actually more than some Spaniards make working full-time, many applicants are skeptical that one can comfortably live in Barcelona on those earnings. After all, it’s right up there with Madrid as the […]

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Free Things in Madrid while I Teach Abroad

2014/2015. Posted by Sean M.

Prices around Spain can vary significantly from place to place but undoubtedly in the capital city of Madrid expenses are likely to be much higher than in the south for example. Similarly, there are many tourist-traps around every corner, from

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I Left a Part of my Heart in Barcelona

2014/2015. Posted by Jessica Y.

As I sit in my apartment in New York, I can’t help but think about everything I left in Barcelona after one year teaching English. I never thought I was going to miss my Spanish host family as much as […]

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An Overwhelming Farewell: the Heart Always Returns to Jerez

On my last day at Colegio Albariza (Jerez, Spain) as a Language Assistant with Meddeas, my first graders were acting suspiciously. They had “a secret” and they giggled uncontrollably whenever I would inquire about it. Later in […]

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