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Little by Little: Teaching English in Spain

On my first night with my new flat mates in Zaragoza, I was taught the phrase “poco a poco” (little by little). They were referencing my progress with the Spanish language, and how it will come in time, but I find […]

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Have You Ever… Been a Language Assistant in Spain?

2016/2017 Posted by Melissa H.

Have you ever been faced with a classroom full of smiling, shouting, squirming eight-year-olds at nine in the morning? Have you ever attempted to keep dozens of students under control without speaking a word of their native language? Have you […]

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If You Are in Spain and You Know It… Clap Your Hands!

Objective: Channel your inner Barney the purple dinosaur, Sesame Street Gang, and Dr. Seuss. These are your saving graces. Activities: Dance like Barney. Be as hilarious and goofy as the Muppets. Repeat curiously catchy rhymes from the Cat in the Hat. Materials needed: Charisma. Attitude. Enthusiasm. […]

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Tips to Survive & Overcome the Initial Shock

There is a big difference between traveling abroad and living abroad. When you travel, you have only a brief moment in time to experience a place —the food, the sites, and the people. It is fun, fast paced and exciting. However, when you live […]

5 Unexpected Effects of Teaching Abroad

So I recently moved to teach English in Spain in a secondary school. Every day I learn something new, meet interesting people and surprise myself in what I can achieve/not panic about. And while I cannot speak for everyone embarking on the same journey […]

Life After Meddeas: My Entire Belief System Has Changed

2014/15 Posted by Brandi B., Sam Houston State University (US)

1 . Why did you take the step of coming to Spain with Meddeas?
I am a teacher from the great state of Texas. I came to Spain with the dream to teach […]

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Life After Meddeas: I Formed Lifelong Bonds in Spain

1. Why did you decide to teach English in Spain with Meddeas?
In my final few months of college, I had no idea what I wanted to pursue. I have a varied set of interests and aspirations, but no one job or career […]