How to Incorporate ESL Science Activities to Your Classroom – The Best Experiments!

We all know that children love hands-on activities. They love to learn through doing and playing. They also love to make a mess. So, why not practice some experiments with them to help them learn relevant vocabulary in a fun and practical way? ESL […]

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How Independent and Curious Spirits Find a Suitable Work Experience Abroad

All Meddeas participants have several key things in common. To begin with (and most obviously), we are all in Spain to gain relevant work experience. However, we also share a love of travel, an independent spirit, and a desire to learn as well as […]

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Top 12 Things to Do in Spain to Get Immersed and Learn About the Culture

Aside from teaching, a very important part of this programme is integrating into a new community and lifestyle. The highlight of the programme for me has been learning about Spanish culture from my host family and participating in local customs. Your cultural experience will […]

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What is Like Living in a Small Town in Spain? Some Advice to Adapt Quickly

Elizabeth T., who is currently a Meddeas Language Assistant, is living in a small town in Spain. She graduated with a dual degree in Spanish and Children’s Advocacy from UMASS Amherst in May 2017. Here she talks about her experience in Southern […]

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Cost of Living in Spain: Housing, Travel, and Food

One of the biggest worries when moving to a new country is how far your money will go. Will you need to find a part-time job? Will you be able to travel? Those are some questions I asked myself when considering the cost of […]

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How to Fit into Schools in Spain: 12 Tips to Blend In with Colleagues and Students

Teaching as a Language Assistant in any Spanish school necessarily requires a significant portion of your time to be spent there, so it is of vital importance for you and those around you that you feel comfortable and happy within the school environment. A […]

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