Initial Shock


Make Yourself at Home While Teaching English Abroad

2016/2017 Posted by Melissa H.

When I made the decision to become a Meddeas language assistant in Spain, I knew that I was about to embark on one of the most exciting adventures of my life. I expected to be confronted with […]

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What do You Need to Move to Spain? Tips to Pack your Bags!

Backpack. Knapsack. Bookbag. Vessels that carry useful information from one place to another. What do you need to move to Spain? Do yourself a favor and organize your papers, ideas, clothes, everything in a nice little backpack of planning to keep with you on this […]

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Little by Little: Teaching English in Spain

2016/2017 Posted by Kati S.

On my first night with my new flat mates in Zaragoza, I was taught the phrase “poco a poco” (little by little). They were referencing my progress with the Spanish language, and how it will come in time, […]

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Irish Feet Touchdown in España

2015/2016 Posted by Sarah G.

A small fish in a big pond is how I’d describe the initial shock I felt in January of this year when I came to teach in Spain as a language assistant.

On mid week Wednesday mornings, when it’s almost 8:45am, […]

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From One Extreme to Another

2015/2016 Posted by Lauren H.

In the beginning of the school year -as I teach English in Spain-, there were days and even weeks where I felt like I had been thrown to the wolves as I rushed between the 27 different classes that had been […]

Teach Overseas: Basque Names

2015/2016 Posted by Alexz C.

“Maialen! Maialen! Maialen!” is the cry of my host brother, Gorka, to his sister every morning before school. And every afternoon, every evening, and every night before bed. 6-year-old Gorka loves his sister and can’t stand to play without her. Maialen, […]

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“Manchegan” Shock to the System

2015/2016 Posted by Nikesh C.

Having experienced Spain before as a student I did not anticipate a cultural shock when I arrived this time as an English Language Assistant. As bold and brash as it was, I thought I was quite “hispanicized” and the move wouldn’t […]

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