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How Being a Bad Language Learner Helped Me Be a Better ESL Teacher

Before becoming a Language Assistant with Meddeas, I spent four years teaching in Philadelphia. The students I met there were impressive and inspiring in many, many ways. Perhaps one of their most impressive achievements was being mostly or completely bilingual. Many of the students […]

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TEFL (Almost) All Fun and ESL Games – Practical Examples

My name is Emily, and I’m a 22-year-old from Ankeny, Iowa in the US. As you’ll see, I’m teaching teenagers in a school in northern Spain (440 teens, to be exact). Through this experience, I’ve found out that ESL games are a good tool […]

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4 Websites that TEFL Teachers Should Use for their ESL Lesson Plans

Teaching English is a never-ending challenge and I am constantly trying to think of fun and engaging ESL lesson plans to make the book work a little bit more interesting. If you are like me, then you regularly Google ideas for your speaking lessons. There […]

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The Perks of being a Language Assistant in Spain

2016/2017 Posted by Jessica W.

Every morning, on the bus to school, I am eased into the day with a glorious sunrise. The madrileño sun is seemingly as laidback as the Spanish people, reluctant to make an appearance until 8.30 am. Watching it out the […]

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What in the World Is that Creature? A Language Assistant’s Task

2015/2017 Posted by Alexz C.

Strangest is the name of this terrifyingly friendly monster that lives in a hammock by the sea. His best friend is a walrus that showed him how to swim one day. The two have had some incredible adventures together, according to […]

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Teach English Abroad: 5 Things to Get You Started

2016/2017 Posted by Thomas M.

Think Fast!
Any teacher will tell you that students provide a host of opportunities whereby you need to think on your feet. Children are strange animals, and regards of your lesson plan someone is bound to catch you off-guard […]

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Have You Ever… Been a Language Assistant in Spain?

2016/2017 Posted by Melissa H.

Have you ever been faced with a classroom full of smiling, shouting, squirming eight-year-olds at nine in the morning? Have you ever attempted to keep dozens of students under control without speaking a word of their native language? Have you […]

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