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Livin’ La Vida Local: the Spanish Immersion with a Host Family

It’s Wednesday 11th January 2017. I’m sitting outside Pozuelo (Madrid) train station on a concrete slab waiting for my host mum to pick me up, when I realize that we have no idea what each other looks like. I send […]

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Why Applying for Gap Year Jobs Was the Best Decision I Have Ever Made

Imagine this: you wake up early in the morning, go to school, study, study, study, eat a little food, study some more, talk to your friends for a bit, study, and then go to sleep. Sound familiar? Me too. This was my life right […]

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Until Living in Spain, I Had Never…

2015/2016 Posted by Harriet S.

I’m finishing my year with Meddeas in Spain and one of the first things I would say to anyone considering doing the same is that you get to do and try so many new things! From trying new […]

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Amazing Country – Awesome Experience

2015/16. Posted by Josh V.

My name is Josh and I am from New Zealand. I am currently teaching as an English Language Assistant in Spain and enjoying every moment of it. I graduated with a diploma in Civil Engineering in 2015 […]

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5 Reason Why you Should Become a Language Assistant

2015/16. Posted by Harriet S.

My name is Harriet, I am 24 years old from England and I graduated in the Summer of 2015 from Cardiff University.  This video shows my time here in the Basque Country (Spain) with Meddeas, both […]

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Parks in Madrid

2014/2015. Posted by Megan A.

As the weather is beginning to get a lot hotter in Spain, we immediately start thinking about cañas, cocktails, and beaches. However, as much as we all wish, Madrid does not have a beach. But, fortunately, due to the amount […]

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Spanish Sport Done Differently

2014/2015. Posted by Dennis H.

In a city like Madrid, sport is ubiquitous. Every weekend, people come from all over the world to see Real Madrid or Atlético de Madrid play. No matter where you go in the city, […]

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