Recipe for Happiness: Sunshine, People, and Food in Spain

2016/2017 Posted by Nicole D.

This recipe has been passed down from generation to generation in Spain. It has proven time and time again that sunshine, espetos, good people, and the beach are the components of a happy life if you live in […]

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Why a Gap Year Was the Best Decision I Have Ever Made

2016/2017 Posted by Isabella G.

Imagine this: you wake up early in the morning, go to school, study, study, study, eat a little food, study some more, talk to your friends for a bit, study, and then go to sleep. Sound familiar? Me too. This […]

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Life After Meddeas: Teaching Abroad Gave me Confidence and Enthusiasm

2015/2016 Posted by Annie O., Wake Forest University (US)

My name is Annie, and I graduated in 2012 with majors in Spanish and English and a minor in Linguistics. Last year, I decided to come to Spain as a language assistant: I’ve improved my language […]

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The Perks of being a Language Assistant in Spain

2016/2017 Posted by Jessica W.

Every morning, on the bus to school, I am eased into the day with a glorious sunrise. The madrileño sun is seemingly as laidback as the Spanish people, reluctant to make an appearance until 8.30 am. Watching it out the […]

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What in the World Is that Creature? A Language Assistant’s Task

2015/2017 Posted by Alexz C.

Strangest is the name of this terrifyingly friendly monster that lives in a hammock by the sea. His best friend is a walrus that showed him how to swim one day. The two have had some incredible adventures together, according to […]

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Make Yourself at Home While Teaching English Abroad

2016/2017 Posted by Melissa H.

When I made the decision to become a Meddeas language assistant in Spain, I knew that I was about to embark on one of the most exciting adventures of my life. I expected to be confronted with obstacles […]

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