About us - Meddeas
Meddeas is a Spanish organisation with presence in five countries that provides support to bilingual teaching in educational centres, in order to improve students’ foreign language skills.
Our values - Meddeas

bullet.home.values Commitment to a job well done
bullet.home.values Flexibility in services provision
bullet.home.values Adaptation to each school bullet.home.values Professionalism
bullet.home.values Global vision of the school

Tailor-made projects - Meddeas
If your educational centre needs a custom-made project, we might be able to help you. Contact us, we will be pleased to evaluate your needs.


  • Consultancy services in foreign language teaching
  • Language Assistant Programs
  • Selection of native language teachers
  • Foreign languages teaching training
  • Tailor-made projects for schools


language assistant Spain“Oooooooooooléééé”
2015/2016. Posted by Megan W.
Cliché as it sounds, there is only one word to sum up my experience in Spain and it’s a strong and Andalusian “oooooooooléééé”. I learned so much…[Read more]

language assistant SpainThe Wandering Language Assistant in Spain
2015/2016. Posted by Sarah G.
When you are a Language Assistant in Spain and receive a week off in the middle of term, why would you not make the most of it? It is exactly…[Read more]


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